News and Announcements 1/2020

•  Pastor Cory Marth can be reached at 815-501-8394 or  . 

•  Administrative Notes:  Any questions or announcements please call the office at 815-286-3885 or email  If it is urgent you may email me personally at .

•  Christian Singles of Immanuel & friends voted to again sponsor collections of clothing, household items, school supplies, toys, games, etc. for the Sao Pablo Lutheran Church in Aurora, Illinois.  We will collect these items for the month of January 2020.  We are especially looking for SCHOOL SUPPLIES, clothing for children, and games.  Plans are for Sao Pablo to pick-up the items on Tuesday, January 28, 2020.  So, you have the month of January to clean out those closets, game shelves, and desks.  Start Spring with a “clean” house.  School supplies will be used in their school & Sunday School.  Bring your items to the East side of Fellowship Hall. Please be sure that the clothing is clean, household items work, games -all pieces are included, instructions should also be included.  Any questions please speak to Nelda Pitelka or another CSI member.  THANK YOU for your participation.

•  CSI will meet Sun. Jan. 26th @noon at Pub West, Waterman.

•  Flower Chart for 2020 is displayed on the bulletin board in the Narthex.  If you would like to purchase flowers or a plant to celebrate a special day or person, sign up on the chosen date.  Please have the flowers or plant at church the Saturday before.

•  Movie Night will be on Sat. Jan. 25th @ 6pm.  We will watch “I Can Only Imagine”.

•  Church Cleaning- We are in need of volunteers to come help clean the church. We meet every Saturday from 9am-12pm.