News and Announcements

Dear Immanuel Family,

We want to thank the evangelism team who hosted the reception last Sunday, and thanks to everyone who was able to make it.  It was a wonderful time and we thoroughly enjoyed the time and fellowship. Thank you also for the very nice cards and letters that we have read and re-read again; they're so nice.

It's been a truly wonderful 20 years here with our church family, playing the organ, singing in choir, serving on boards, the Christmases and Easters, the church gatherings, sunday school, youth events. . . They're all treasured memories for us and we will miss you all very much.  We also think, with mixed happiness and sadness, the friends we have sent on to Glory, and we miss them too.

It is hard to leave, but we love you all, and you are, and will continue to be, in our prayers.

We don't have a permanent place yet, but we plan to settle in the Belgium-Port Washington-Grafton area, so if you are coming through, please stop by and say hello.

With Love,

Doug and Rinda



Now that we are allowed to meet without restrictions, we look forward to seeing you on Sunday. We understand that a portion of our members may not feel ready to attend services in person yet. That's okay. If you would like a visit to receive individual absolution, the Lord's body and blood, or other pastoral care, please contact Pastor Marth directly 815-501-8394.

*Masks only Communion Services are held every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. In order to allow members who are needing masks to be required and still wish to gather together for an abbreviated Divine Service are welcome. Masks will be required. There will also be no singing or versicles based upon hymns spoken. The format of the Service will be similar to the format I use when conducting home visits.